"PAI" Top 5 Destination in Pai

"PAI" Top 5 Destination in Pai


"PAI" Top 5 Destination in Pai

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  'Pai'  Small town of Mae Hong Son That became the landmark of tourists in recent years. And it is the place to hit the couple's favorite. You will see the light of the day with the cool air. # Finn


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Pai also has many interesting tourist attractions. Tell us that each of the attractions in Pai that we will take a look at today's beautiful Chic Hippies, and infused with a very romantic. So do not wait! Follow us to see that it is better. What's the size and shape? You may want to book a plane ticket / public bus ticket to Pai today, tomorrow it is!


  Pai Canyon


  Pai Canyon Pai Canyon It is a miracle that nature created. This area is a dipterocarp forest with pine forest. There is a heap of earth rising above the shady green trees. But some points are very narrow. Not recommended to walk to the area. Because of the dirt is the sand. It may slip into the accident. # Beauty comes with danger In addition, there is a view overlooking the towering skyline as a backdrop. Below is a green house and lush. Most tourists come here for sunset. This is a 'highlight'



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 Tapai Hotspring


  "No matter how tired ... Just got to sleep in the hot water from the hot water in Pai. I have to tell you that it is exhausted. It is a natural hot spring surrounded by trees and trees. Located in the Huai Nam Dang National Park. The hot water is about 80 - 100 degrees Celsius and there is smoke over the area. There are hot water flowing around the area, there are two large ponds. Can be soaked. The hot water is about 80 degrees Celsius. I know that it can boil eggs to be cooked.



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 Yun-Lai Viewpoint


  View Profile The new viewpoint of Pai. Mae Hong Son Province This is a tourist attraction that is popular with tourists. This is the golden time that you will have to keep the beautiful sunrise without tourists waiting to take hundreds of photos like other famous attractions. At this point of view, the view of the river flowing in the valley, overlooking the valley is beautiful.




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 Boon Kho Koo So Bridge


"Boon Kho Koo So Bridge" The bamboo bridge stretches about 800 meters and has a width of about 1.80 meters stretching across the middle of the villagers. The purpose is to build bridges Boon Khok Sai is a route to connect with the park Huai Khiri Khan. The construction period is around 3 months. It is surrounded by rice paddies and the forest is covered with cold mist throughout the year. Let's say that the photo is very beautiful!


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 Chedi Phra That Mae Yen


  After taking a trip to the nature. Mountains and forests together. Let's face it, some measure better. Wat Phra That Mae Yen The ancient temple of invincible Pai. Mae Hong Son Province Buddha Mahatma Maha Muni Bright white sunlight reflectors. Currently, construction of a ladder for convenience. Of the past is the earth. It also has a fatigue with a height of 280 degrees is considered a test of power in the faith. On the way to pretending to be absent before photography. Because the panorama is so beautiful.



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 Map to 'PAI'


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