Phu Chee Fah

Phu Chee Fah

 Phu Chee Fah

Phu Chee Fah is part of Doi Pha Moi. The border between Thailand and Laos in Chiang Rai - Phayao is a rocky cliff. On the borderline In the past, the area of ​​the CPT movement was steep. It is a strong base. Lao and Thai people In the area called cliffs pointed straight up to the sky that Phu Fa. When problems Stability Along the border between Thailand and Laos from Ban Pha Tang Phu Phuea to Chiang Kham district, Phu Chi Fa has been known to tourists since 1991. However, on Phu Chee Fah. The point that extends from the borders can not be identified. In Thailand or Laos. But the way to the top of Phu Chi Fah is in Thailand, there was a flag of Thailand on the tip of the cliff. But the next day. Lao soldiers will bring the flag along with Laos. So for safety Do not go camping on Phu Si.

The park is a high mountain in the Doi Pha Mun mountains on the Thai-Lao border. Elevated from 1,200 m to 1,628 m, the highest point is the scenic area. The average slope is about 40 percent.

Most visitors will come to stay at the home of the Blue Sky, about 1.5 kilometers from the viewpoint, and then walk up Phu Chi Fa to see the morning. On the way, you will find the forest. Flowering in beautiful bloom (January - February) and in February, the white flowers around the Phu Chi Fountain will bloom full of foothills. Activities for tourists: Visit Cappuccino Scenery


Chee Fah Cliff: A prominent rock cliff is a pointing finger pointing straight to the east. Phu Chi Fa is at an altitude of about 1,628 m above sea level. The rocky cliffs are steep. Covered with grass, shrubs and rocks, no big trees. Can walk to the end of the cliff. Extends But the popular tourist spot. It is a large stone cliffs. Before reaching the end of Phu Chi Fa about 300 m.

Mist: Phu Chee Fah can be seen as a small village in the valley in the suburbs of Chiang Tung, Laos, and the mountains are complicated to the labyrinth of the Mekong River that runs parallel to the Doi Pha Moi. Early in the morning. The valley below is covered with mist. The scenery is more beautiful. When the sun rises Phu Chi Fah turned to the east. The sun is very popular. the tourist Will leave Walk up to the scenic spot. Before the brightness

Travel: Take the route Chiang Rai - Thung distance of 64 km and from Ting - Ban Phae 6 km turn left to Highway 1155 through Pang Ban home to Chen Meng as a paved road. To reach Phu Chee Fah 42 km or take Highway 1021 Chiang Saen - Chiang Kham - Ban Huong. 6 km to Chiang Saen National Park and 19 km to Phu Sang National Park. 30 km to Phu Chee Fah, visitors can park at Phu Chi Fah Park and walk to the scenic spot about 700 meters.

Buses depart from Chiang Rai Bus Station at 07.00 am and 1.00 pm (only in winter). Van from Chiang Rai Bus Station 2 times a day at 07.00 hrs. And 13.00 hrs. It takes about 1 hour. Contact details 0 5318 9111, 08 1724 0052, 08 6189 4611 Phu Pai Fah Forest Park Tel. 08 1883 4510 Tourist Service Center Tel. 0 5371 0195-6


Thank You : Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Office of Tourism and Sports Chiang Rai province

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