Kaeng Song Khon three wave

Kaeng Song Khon three wave

 Kaeng Song Khon three wave 



     Kaeng Two is located at Ban Pong Pao, Tambon Ngam Ngam, Pho Sai. Ubon Ratchathani About 120 kilometers away from the province, three thousand wave waving a large rock in the Mekong River. In the water season. The rocks are submerged. It was eroded by the force of the vortex until it formed a small basin. More than 3,000 baskets or 3,000 waving (the word "waving" in Lao, meaning "basin") is the source of the name "three thousand waving" And with so many pools. This is where I got that nickname. "Grand Canyon of Thailand" that it was.


    When the drought comes. Three thousand waves waving from the water becomes a wonderful natural wonders in the Mekong. The opportunity for tourists to admire the beautiful beauty of the rocky river was eroded to drench. Visually see the artwork in the form of circles, ovals, stars and many other images as you would imagine. This atmosphere is only available during January to April.


Source : Museum Thailand


   The entrance of three thousand waves. One stone looks like a dog head. A legend says that. The serpent in the Mekong River. To dig a drain to create another stream. The dog was guarded during excavation. The dog finally died and became a dog shaped dog.


    By three thousand waves. Will see the Laos. It can not cross to Laos. Visitors can take a scenic view from the Thai side or take a boat trip from Laos.


Map of Three Thousand Waves

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