Phu Kradueng National Park

Phu Kradueng National Park


 Phu Kradueng National Park (Loei)

Hiking up to the summit of Phu Kradueng and conquer the distance of 1,325 meters above sea level has always been an ultimate dream for many Thai trekkers. The 60-square-meter top plateau of Phu Kradueng is blessed with beautiful sceneries, pine forest, wild flowers and cold climate people love to camp to catch the first and last sunlight of the day.

Other attractions include Pha Nok Aen, the cliff that offers a breathtaking view of the crimson sunrise, Pha Lom Sak, a sandstone ledge jutting into space providing a fine view of the hills and valleys and Pha Yiap Mek, where cottony clouds suggest a misty world of shadow figures.

The national park has accommodations and camping spaces provided. The park is closed to rehabilitation during 1 June – 30 September every year.


Admission: 400 baht for adults, 200 baht for children
Contact: 0 4287 1333 or 0 2561 4292 – 4,



How to get there : Phu Kradueng National Park

Take Bangkok-Loei bus and get off at Pha Nok Khao, the boundary between Khon Kaen and Loei. From there, take a minibus to the park office at the foot of the mountain and walk up Phu Kradueng for 6 kilometers.

By Bus
Tourists can travel by Bangkok - Loei bus. Get off at Pha Nok Khao which is a connecting point between Chum Phae – Phu Kradueng. From this point, there is a mini bus to Phu Kradueng National Park. Otherwise, tourists can take the Bangkok – Chum Phae bus,

By Other
From the centre of Mueang Loei, take Highway No. 201, the Loei – Phu Kradueng route, 75 kilometres from the province and turn right into Highway No. 2019 for 8 kilometres to the park office.

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