Amphawa Floating Market (Samut Songkhram)

Amphawa Floating Market (Samut Songkhram)

    Amphawa Floating Market (Samut Songkhram)

       In the evening, the highlight of Things, it seemed inevitable. Amphawa floating market Attracts people from everywhere to come and eat. Shopping options in the market atmosphere, retro shops line the canal behind the house Ampawa both sides. The bridge made of wood and plaster on roaming markets linked together. But the bridge is congested with tourists. Because this angle photography and precisely as possible. Shops traditional floating market worth a visit.




     A whole "shop Kanchana new" grocery mixes the rare "heal the trade" coffee ancient roasting fresh "groundbreaking of a" Cake old sold since the model's grandmother "heavenly medicine." it enables you to experience the atmosphere of the ancient Maya parallel Thailand, China, the parallel application of the product to the store where there are many shops to modern tastes. You may CLOTH stylish shirt. Printed pants or bag portrait postcard pretty. Back from this market The price is quite reasonable





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The waterfront community urged If not cruise is like missing something. On floating market, there are several boats you. 5 programs with respect to the measurement and fireflies at night. This is a cool application that everyone would want to try Firefly is abundant in the rainy season. From May to October Each priced at 60 baht or 600 baht charter.



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