Ao Cho (Samed)

Ao Cho (Samed)

 Ao Cho (Samed)

Ao Cho : The bay is suitable for a long time.

Ao Cho or sunflower Or Lung wang Bay Who will be called? All three names mean the same bay. The beautiful bay with long wooden bridge to replace the pier. Adjacent to the crescent. The atmosphere is unique and different to each other.

This boulevard is considered to be the student harbor. Or travelers limit statements. The rates are not high enough to reach. This bay is often confiscated by teenagers. School Or not backpackers. The majority of them are staying for a long time. Some weeks or sometimes months.

The Uncle's Hope The Uncle Hope Wonderland Resort is not a veteran, I think that the name of the owner hope. Another name for the bay was named. The familiarity of the guests there.

Currently in the Bay Area. It has been developed and improved both comfortably. More clean and quality than before. Of course, the price will have to develop as a sequence. It is also considered to be inexpensive compared to other resorts in nearby Ao Wongduen Bay, Sai Kaew Beach or Sai Kaew Beach.

This beach area of ​​the bay. There are plenty of beach activities to see. Whether it is sea water, sand piles, beach sports, lightweight or a variety of sunbathing, reading books are seen to be abound. Another great activity for the stingy people. Is a beach massage. There are massage hands, carrying cloth and equipment to walk around waiting to call for service. To relax To listen to the sound of the waves The atmosphere is good outside the place. Do not have to open the natural lullaby like a spa. The same emotions.


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