View Point Lung Dum Bay (Samed)

View Point Lung Dum Bay (Samed)

 View Point Lung Dum Bay (Samed)

Lung Dum Bay : A place to love.

Behind Lung Dum Bay The cliff opposite the beach. Continuing between Vongduen Bay, Ao Sang and Ao Lung Dum, there are places to recommend for sweet couples. I want to shirk away the full suite. The romantic backdrop of the sun is on the horizon to enhance the atmosphere to invigorate.

It is not difficult to walk from Lung Bay to Bay Light. There are signs to watch the Sunset is not going to walk. Or to find the way to Vongdue as well. Turn right to the hill at Vongdeuan Resort. There are signs to watch Sunset as well. Walking to get tired will be very tired. Going out to the road in front of each entrance. Then cut across the road to the path to the shrub. A little walk But it was not difficult. To be taken out to the view point that secretly votes from the mind as a sunset viewpoint. The most beautiful and romantic on the island.

When it comes out at the walking destination. Wide view of the sea, the eyes are dyed to see the eyes. With the last golden light of day The water is less disturbed. The back is velvety soft. The creek slides across the water. Let the orange light blaze lightly. The more striking, the more sparkling.

Cliffs of rocky terraces. As natural as it was prepared to be a grandstand. Use as a seat to see the beauty in front of the eyes. It is not surprising that if the couple. Have a chance to sit and enjoy the beautiful scenery together. This time of the impression to be held for a long time.

At this time will hold hands tightened tightened. I will keep quiet. To keep good time. To move slowly Meaningful Then tell the mind that much meaning to each other get to know. Your partner is a jealous partner, of course.



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